(formerly Victory Electronic Cigarettes Inc.) ( ECIG ), today announced the launch of their Victory Brand Electronic Cigarettes across the 230 Western Refining convenience stores throughout the Southwest United States. Western Refining, which currently also carries the Electronic Cigarettes International Groups FIN brand, made the decision to also bring in the Groups Victory brand based on its attractive retailer margins and customer support, and resonance with their customers. Western Refining is an NYSE publicly traded independent oil refiner and marketer based in El Paso, Texas. The group operates approximately 230 premium convenience stores and gas stations located in throughout the Southwest United States under the brands of Giant, Mustang, Sundial and Howdy’s.
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New line of e-cigs includes marijuana – WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg – Top Stories

I mean, it’s taking away from the people that use it to quit smoking and that’s what I’ve done with this,” said Tina Fletcher. “I didn’t know that was happening, but honestly it doesn’t surprise me,” said Alanna Koll, Harrisburg. “To each their own, if you want to smoke, then smoke, it’s a natural herb,” said Kelsey Fletcher, Harrisburg. Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach is fresh off a trip to Colorado and in an interview with Robb Hanrahan on Face the State, that airs this Sunday, Senator Leach says he used v2 cigs refill a vape. He says he was given the technology while touring a Colorado grow facility. “There were two issues and there was the new technology, which I wanted to understand and there was also everyone saying the potency is so much higher,” said PA Senator Daylin Leach.
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