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(AP) – Tupelo City Council news President Mike Bryan has pushed for months to discuss expanding the city’s public smoking ban to include the electronic devices used to deliver nicotine and other chemicals as an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports city officials agreed Tuesday to wait longer on making any decision regarding e-cigarettes. The council wants to receive feedback from physicians, health advocates and others prior to voting whether to ban the habit in public. Limited research exists for the nicotine intake method originating in China, leaving physical and psychological questions unanswered, such as impact to encourage children to smoke.

Reuters has not verified these stories and does not vouch for their accuracy. THE GLOBE AND MAIL * Communications Security Establishment Canada intercepts citizens’ private messages without judicial warrants, in its fight against Chinese espionage and other cyberthreats, a document obtained by the paper showed. The 22-page “Operational Procedures for Cyber Defence” speaks about how the electronic-intelligence agency can log, store and study volumes of e-communications that touch government computer networks – including “private communications” of Canadians not themselves thought to be hackers.
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